Elle Films


Modernly.Cinematic that's my philosophy.  I believe in the STORY and VISUAL aspects of a film, and I bring THAT to your wedding film.  I BELIEVE in the story of your day; your past together and your future together become ONE on your wedding day, and that's the most EXCELLENT story there is - and I want to TELL that story. 

I WANT you to relieve ALL the best moments of your day through YOUR wedding film - FEEL it, SEE it, and BREATHE it again and again.

I LOVE my wedding photos and I wouldn't trade them for the WORLD.  They say a PICTURE says a THOUSAND words and your WEDDING photos will - but what if you could HEAR those words again? If you watched your FAVORITE movie with no sound, would it be the same? It wouldn't.  

In truth, I ONLY want to give you the very best film I can of YOUR day and that is my COMMITMENT to you,