Elle Films

What People Are Saying

I don't go after accolades or awards.  I go after making each and every client happy, that's my reward.


"Soooo excited about the video and sooo love it!!! Thank you for all the time and effort you put into creating this keepsake for all of us.  I feel like I never saw you at the wedding or got to thank you for spending the day with us! I will recommend you to all future brides I know!! Thanks again for making the day so special!!"

{Cindy - Mother of the Bride to Madison}


"Elle Films made all the difference in our wedding journey. From the moment we viewed examples of previous films created for other wedding couples, we knew Elle Films was the right choice to forever capture the emotion of our wedding day. They did not disappoint. In fact, they far exceeded anything we could have ever imagined. The most important quality of Elle Films’ work is their amazing artistry. Rather than creating a film that chaotically jumps around the day’s events which seems to be in vogue in today’s wedding videography, Elle Films told our story by perfectly blending the most beautifully touching music with highlights from the day’s events as they occurred in sequence. From the quick teaser released to Instagram shortly after our wedding concluded, to the makes-you-cry-happy tears trailer, to the blows-you-away wedding film, to the full Blu-ray two-disc set that has all of the wonderful edited footage, I cannot speak highly enough about the product that Elle Films created for us. With multiple cameras and crews, Elle Films captures at the same time both the important close-up details and emotions as well as sweeping vistas of your venue and your guests … and then professionally and perfectly edits it all together to create the perfect film. If you want a Hollywood-style film that is both love story and documentary, there is no better choice than Elle Films."

{David + Korbin}


"Thank you so much! This is wonderful - we are so excited to share this with our family and friends and cannot get over what a fantastic hob you did putting this together.  You're talented and the ultimate professional - thank you for capturing our most special day!! Watching this made us relive the excitement and emotion and happiness of our wedding, which is exactly what we hoped for. 

NEXT can you build a time machine so we can go back and actually of it all again?;)"

{Megan + Adam}


"I am absolutely in LOVE with the films! They are perfect and I couldn't be happier! I've watched at least 10 times today already. Than you for doing such an amazing job! I am so so so happy with everything. I feel like I'm living it all over again when I watch it. Thank you so much!!!!!"  "I am in love with the DVD!! You did such an amazing job - I could never thank you enough! Ben and I watched the whole thing last night!! We laughed and cried and felt like we were there all over again. Thank you for everything!! I seriously couldn't be happier."

{Matti + Ben}


"I just cannot tell you how much joy the highlights have brought me and my family and friends. Everyone I know has watched it and sent it to everyone they know.  How Fun! A wedding film was something we took awhile to decide on, and I am SO GLAD we decided in favor of it. The highlights are just absolutely beautiful and captures everything so perfectly! (i Know I've said that a million times.) And I adore how you edited our vows! I think that might be my favorite part."

{Madeline + Brooks}


"i just wanted to tell you how incredibly wonderful your video was for Madeline and Brooks.  We have showed it to everyone and it is just so joyful and emotional! I was amazed when I first saw it and have watched it so many times! What a lovely document to have after all that planning!!! Thank you a million times for getting it all on film!"

{Susan - Mother of the Bride to Madeline}